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The Happy Family at The Reset Conference

  • Reset Conference Louisville, KY (map)

We all know the photo exactly what families in front of our cameras want: everyone smiling, looking at the camera, Christmas-card-perfect, HAPPY. 

But on picture day the baby has reflux and barfed all over his brand new outfit, the four-year-old refuses to wear the shoes you picked out for her, Dad would much rather crack open a cold one and watch the game, and Mom has barely had time to take a shower let alone do her make-up. The whole thing feels anything BUT happy and when everyone arrives for photos, it shows.

As the photographer, it is your job to give the client what they want...even when the toddler refuses to acknowledge the camera. I am here to help! Creating happy photos starts long before the session begins and in this class I am going to share all of my secrets for delivering family photos that scream JOY!