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The Reset Conference

Reset 2020 is hosted in the beautiful hills and southern charm of Lexington, Kentucky. Now approaching it's seventh year, Reset is a conference designed for photographers. Whether you are a hobbyist, just launching your business, or running a successful studio, this conference truly benefits photographers of all levels because we all have areas of our business that needs a Reset! This year’s conference is packed with fun, inspiration and education from industry experts from all around the country. Attendees will customize their education experience through choosing breakout classes and add-on shootouts that best fit their needs.

Getting Personal: The importance of personal projects in professional development

Sponsored by Millers Professional Imaging

Running a creative business IS HARD. Our ability to pay the bills isn’t just based on the hours we put in, but on the quality of our artistry. By our ability to stay inspired. By our endurance in churning out work that speaks to our audiences and encourages them to write us checks.

And when your livelihood is based on that? It can seem positively ridiculous to suggest picking-up your camera for fun.

But here’s a secret: perpetually engaging in personal work can be what keeps your professional endeavors afloat. Shooting for fun…and let’s face it, essentially putting in volunteer overtime hours…can be the difference between a successful business and one that fails.

Let’s dive in together to talk about the challenges of burnout, the benefits of projects that push your creative boundaries, and how to identify what projects are perfect for you.

Running a creative business IS HARD. But it can also be the joy of a lifetime. Let’s find out how to tap back into what made photography so exhilarating in the first place and keep that at the forefront of what you do behind the camera.

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